Your brand is one of your most valuable yet intangible assets. An asset you may have to account for on your balance sheet, according to new International Accounting Standards. If you plan to sell your brand, knowing its full worth becomes even more critical.

Most companies evaluate a brand’s worth based on only financial factors, such as the amount of revenue the brand generates through sales. But a brand’s valuation can only be accurately calculated if additional factors are considered. How much do those sales numbers rely on the brand versus the product itself, for instance? Or how specific is the product or service? If it’s one of two products in its niche market, it clearly has more value than a brand that is one among hundreds. Knowing whether a brand is vulnerable to legal attacks or whether it is trademarked in multiple countries are other criteria that can impact brand valuation.

Valorimark, Nomen’s brand valuation offering, assesses the true financial worth of a trademark by employing a combination of strategic, financial, accounting, legal and marketing approaches. Because our offering encompasses such a broad range of evaluation criteria, our valuations are both reliable and defendable.

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