Are you perceived the way you want to be in the market? Are you falling behind the competition? Do you have a clearly defined branding strategy that guides your naming and identity initiatives?

It is always difficult to evaluate the impact of your own identity. For companies that need help developing, refining or reshaping their corporate branding strategy—or ensuring that all of their brands support an existing strategy—Nomen’s branding strategy offering is a perfect fit. Because we are naming experts, we know how to both recognize and establish patterns among the brand names in your entire portfolio.

By analyzing your brand names in relation to your competitors—from products and services to your company and domain names—we assess their overall suitability and effectiveness. We develop branding strategies designed to differentiate you in the marketplace and highlight your brands’ core strengths. We also help you ensure that your naming initiatives support your strategy, so that you maintain a consistent brand identity. For companies undergoing mergers or acquisitions, we provide expert advice on corporate names as well as product and service name portfolios.

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