Fun facts :

Logo check - China Yellow, such a positive, solar color for you, is the color of eroticism for a Chinese person.
Test de nom de marque - L'Oréal L’Oréal® is read in Spanish as lo real, ”what is real”.
Test de nom - Japon The number 4 symbolizes stability in Europe, but represents death in Japan.
Validation linguistique - Langues There are between 3000 and 7000 languages worldwide.
Validation linguistique - Carrefour 家乐福 is the transliteration of Carrefour® in China and means ”the house of happiness and luck”.

What is Intercheck?

  • An accurate, flexible and competitive service that evaluates the linguistic and cultural pertinence of your brands, signatures and logos amongst 600 agents in more than 120 countries.
  • A team of experts (linguists and semiologists) within Nomen France analyzing and interpreting their responses.
  •, an internet website that guarantees simplicity, speed and personalization of your tests.

Who is Intercheck for?

  • All those who wish to export their brand and integrate it for the better into their target markets.
  • All those who want to know and better understand the associations and evocations linked to their brand and their brand’s perception over the world.

Our services

  • Analysis of the perception of your brand in your target countries
  • Transliteration of brand names (Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, etc)
  • Translation of brand names and slogans
  • Semiological analysis of logotypes
  • In-depth linguistico-marketing interviews

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